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8 shocking moments from The Witcher series

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    With The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt just around the corner we are looking back at some of the most shocking moments in the series.

    Here are 8 shocking, sexy and amazi


    With The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt just around the corner we are looking back at some of the most shocking moments in the series.

    Here are 8 shocking, sexy and amazing scenes from the previous The Witcher games.

    Be warned, cause there will be spoilers in the footage we are about to show.

    nn1 – Threatening angry mobnIn the first Witcher Geralt finds a witch called Abigale.

    The townsfolk want her dead and our hero hands her over to them.

    But they can't harm her, because Geralt of Rivia says so...

    That look in his eyes is awesome!nn2 – Geralt wants orgynIn the first Witcher Geralt is trying to get a threesome by hitting on Shani and also inviting a prostitute called Carmen.

    Nice Geralt, real nice.

    But Shani is not having any of it.

    Carmen seems all up for it though.

    nn3 – AssassinationnIn an epic scene in The Witcher 2, the king is assassinated by a man called Letho.

    This all happens in front of Geralt of Rivia, and in the end he is the one who gets captured and accused of murder.

    nn4 – Just give the keynDuring his quests our hero often needs help from others.

    Sometimes he needs information and at other moments he needs a key.

    When he goes to Loredo's mom to ask for a key, she isn't as friendly as she seems.

    nn5 – Geralt chooses TrissnThe hero of this game isn't exactly the most monogamous person in the world.

    Even though he was with Shani first, he will end up with Trish Merigold later in the game.

    He might feel bad but alcohol helps to relief those kind of troubles.

    nn6 – Gentleman of RivianSure, The Witcher is full of torture and naked bodies.

    But amidst all that Geralt of Rivia is still a gentleman and turns his back to the baroness while she makes herself decent again.

    nn7 – My eyes on younThe Witcher is not a series for the faint hearted.

    Once again in prison, Geralt has a conversation with a witch.

    Moments later she's being punished and her eyes are removed...

    with a spoon.n n8 – InterruptingnAs you might know by now, the world of The Witcher is full of obscene moments.

    Sometimes this results in something hilarious.

    Especially when Geralt walks in unexpected...

    Just look at him smile.

    nnWe are sure that the adult world of The Witcher 3 is going to shock us too.

    Did we mention that the game features real time beard growth? Now that's cool technology.

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  • 8 shocking moments the witcher series
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